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Terra Vitis et le domaine du Breuil

The association  Terra Vitis Bourgogne Beaujolais brings together winemakers  who practice on their vineyard the sustainable winegrowing approach from Terra Vitis.

By following common specifications, ensuring the traceability of our daily observations and interventions in the vineyard as in the cellar, we integrate all the players in our environment : man, soil, plant, landscape, wildlife and flora.

We produce healthy grapes of high quality with environmentally sustainable methods to preserve the environment and human health

In an approach based on a choice of techniques that are environmentally friendly and included in the specifications of Terra Vitis, growers are committed to:

  • Balancing respect for the environment and the durability of economic enterprise. Because   there is no sustainable winegrowing if farms are not viable.
  • Innovate annually by changing their specifications based on advanced research
  • Promote the development of biodiversity in maintaining living ecosystem vineyard.
  • Ensure transparency of their activities and their practices: the traceability.
  • Be controlled by an independent certifying organization.

Terra Vitis is an approach that meets the criteria of sustainable development. It assures the food security of the product and respect for the environment.

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